Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Personal investment that pays off!

If you are reading this blog and you are a hiring manager, this blog is for you.
If you are reading this blog and you are out of work and tirelessly sending your resumes and responding to job posts online, this blog is for you.
If you are employed in property management at any level, looking for a change.  New job, new location, advancement, the list is endless, this blog is for you.
If you have a great idea for a business or product and might be nervous to take that leap...this blog is for you...
If you don't know what you want, you are feeling overwhelmed with work life balance, and need help...THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU.

I am writing from a place where I can say, I have been there.  Right where you are and I am here today to tell you it is going to be okay. But for you to get your answers, for your "luck" to change, you are going to have to open your mind to a new way of doing things and you are going to have to shift your mindset to possibilities.

There really is something behind this mindfulness movement you are hearing more about.  There truly is a value in investing time in reading and practicing habits that help you get a better understanding of who you really are as a person and what makes you tick.

I have been in property management for nearly 20 years and I have changed as a person.  Looking back I am blown away at all of the changes I went through as I advanced from leasing apartments to eventually overseeing multiple apartment communities with multiple clients to work with, to an inevitable "fall from grace" three years back that left me unemployed, and frankly unmotivated to work for nearly 5 months.

Get this.  I am only 37 years old.  I have a lot of time left in the game, and in moments where I was I at my lowest, most frustrated, I had no idea that having those experiences would benefit me in my journey to know myself better.  Bad days, bad bosses, dishonest employees, quick hires that turn in to HR nightmares...all feel like failures.  We can either learn from them or let them bring us down.

I saw a video on Facebook last night that inspired me to write this post today.  If you haven't  seen Will Smith's 3 Ways To Fail Youtube video, check it out.  This video is a 90 second lesson in life and a great kick start for you to open your mind to investing time in you.

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